Brief/Title : Personal Name card
Medium : Digital Print
Year : 2014
Brief/Title : +65 Riot Grrrl
Medium : Photography
Year : 2014
Brief/Title : Feminism - Beauty Ideal
Rationale : Causes of eating disorder are numerous; it’s young women who mainly fall victim to them and it’s undenialble that society’s ideology of beauty are a contributory factor. Anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria by choice or design is not considered by general as beautiful or even frankly acceptable. Being ‘beautiful’ or ‘attractive’ shouldn’t have to be anyone’s most important concern. Based on research studies, young women who are exposed to images of models and celebrities in magazine feel a lot unhappier about their body. Feminist are fighting body hatred, ignorance and fear.
Medium : Digital Collage
Year : 2014
Brief/Title : Feminism - Body Hair
Rationale : The act of hair removal is not simply influenced by patriarchy but also by capitalism and its imperative to consume endlessly. This is why for women throwing away the razor is still a radical act of both feminism and anti-capitalism. The act of not shaving can be seen as an example of insubordination. Refusing to depilate is a step towards body positivity and self-loving whilst sticking your two fingers up to the authorities. It is a fuck-you to gender-policing homophobes, transphobes and also a form of rejection of the anxiety-inducing, body-shaming messages found in beauty and fashion industries. Until every woman has the real choice to leave her house hairy, unshaven and not be subjected to harassment and criticism, there is a need for body-hair activism. As Janet Fraser once said, “All that time I save in body hair removal, I devote to revolution.”
Medium : Digital Collage
Year : 2014
Brief/Title : D&AD (XL Recordings - MTV Best New Artist/Tyler The Creator)
Medium : Digital Print & Gif.
Year : 2014